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Specialized Units

Economic Crimes & ID Theft

The Economic Crimes Unit (ECU) investigates fraud-related offenses to include:

    • forgery,
    • credit/debit card abuse,
    • fraudulent use or possession of identifying information,
    • counterfeit merchandise,
    • and certain computer crimes.

The ECU is an investigative unit within the Special Investigations Section operationally under the Central Investigations Division. The ECU consists of one administrative assistant, three detectives, one civilian investigator, and it is supervised by a sergeant.

The ECU also houses the Digital Forensics Lab. Created in 1999, the Digital Forensics Lab is responsible for examining and processing electronic evidence that is collected from a wide variety of investigations.

If the crime is in progress, call 911. Otherwise, you can generate a report for Identity Theft by calling 817-274-4444. When generating your report, make sure you have all of your documents available so you can include transaction dates, times, locations, and any other pertinent information regarding how your identity was used fraudulently. Please save all documents related to your case. Your report will be reviewed and if it is determined there is sufficient information available to proceed with an investigation, you will be contacted by an investigator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Someone has written me a check that has returned NSF or closed account. What should I do?

The Arlington Police Department does not investigate these offenses. These are referred directly to the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office at

I represent a business and want to report a forged check or credit card abuse that occurred at my place of business in Arlington. What should I do?

Note: This does not apply to internal employees using company checks or credit cards for personal gain. This report will be taken over the phone or by an officer in person.

Complete the forgery/credit card abuse self report form and mail or deliver it to the address listed on the form. Please provide us with all the documents related to the offense, a full narrative describing the events and how the suspect was identified if applicable.  Include a disk with the video of the transaction if captured by video surveillance and notate the time frame of the transaction on the disk. Incomplete reports will not be processed. We will contact you with a report number once the report is entered.

I am a victim of ID theft. What should I do?

If you are an Arlington resident or your information has been used fraudulently in the city of Arlington you should make a police report with us by calling 817-274-4444. Upon completing your offense report with the Arlington Police Department, you should refer to the Financial Crimes Victim’s Packet that will offer you assistance dealing with creditors and initiating a fraud report with the credit bureaus. Those who desire investigative follow-up, shall complete the complaint form inside the packet and deliver the completed form and supporting documents to the location listed in the packet for review by investigators.

I am a victim of tax refund ID theft. What should I do?

Please follow the guidelines and prevention strategies at the IRS link below as certain forms must be filed with the IRS. If you determine other types of identity theft have occurred resulting from your stolen identifying information, then you may make a police report.  Otherwise, if you are only reporting Tax Refund Fraud, you will be referred directly to the IRS.

Someone has written checks on my checking account without my permission. What do I do?

Immediately contact your bank in order to close the account and file a police report for forgery with us if the checks were passed in Arlington. Your checks may have been stolen or someone may have created counterfeit checks using your bank account and routing numbers. Please work with your bank to provide specific information when and where your check was passed; provide witness and suspect information if known and the name and contact number for the bank investigator if one has been assigned.

Someone has used my credit card/debit card without my permission. What do I do?

Immediately contact your credit card company in order to close the account and file a police report for credit card/debit card abuse with us if the transaction occurred in Arlington. You may also make a police report with us if you are an Arlington resident and your card was used online. The Arlington Police Department will consider an investigation of these offenses only when the entity that suffers the financial loss desires prosecution.

I am the victim of an Internet scam, for example, I have purchased or sold an item through an online classified advertisement website and later realized I was scammed. What do I do?

You should file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), a central repository for Internet-related crime coordinated by the National White Collar Crime Center and the FBI. The IC3 forwards complaints to the Arlington Police Department when it appears the fraudulent activity is occurring in Arlington. Since the suspects involved in these types of crimes are often overseas and typically use fictitious names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, the Arlington Police Department is very selective determining which complaints to investigate. You may also file a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) at the following link:

I believe my computer, phone, tablet, etc. has been hacked or has a virus. What do I do now?

There is no way to protect the data stored on your computer 100%, so taking additional steps is wise.

    • Make sure your electronic device has the most recent and up to date anti-virus/anti-malware software and conduct a scan of the computer. Sometimes the best anti-virus programs can not remove the virus and therefore requires a re-install of the operating system to guarantee the virus is removed. Prior to doing this, it is recommended important files are backed up to an external storage device, like a USB thumb drive or CD/DVD recordable media. A credible computer repair business can also provide these services.
    • Be cautious of emails or text messages from unknown senders. Legitimate business emails will NEVER ask for personal identifying information and/or logins and passwords. Do not open email attachments from senders you do not know. If you believe your electronic device has been compromised, immediately remove it from the network and/or internet.
    • You can consider encrypting important files; if the computer is maliciously accessed then the files will not be readily viewable. Many of the current operating systems offer free encryption programs.
    • If you believe your personal information was compromised from the hack or virus program then you should change all account passwords and monitor your accounts for fraudulent activity (also see annual credit report in additional useful information). If fraudulent activity is noticed, then contact the Arlington Police Department to file an offense report.

Ultimately, awareness is the most important deterrent to viruses and computer hacks.

Financial Crimes Victim’s Packet

For individuals reporting identity theft and/or credit card fraud or check fraud on their personal accounts, call APD at 817-274-4444 to obtain a fraud report first and then click here to download our Financial Crimes Victim’s Packet.

Self-report form for Businesses

Arlington businesses that discover a fraudulent credit card transaction or a forged check that was presented at their respective business should complete a self-report form and deliver it to the Economic Crimes Unit.

If your company’s credit cards or checks were used fraudulently do not use this form; call 817-274-4444 to make a report.

Click here to download the Forgery/Credit Card Abuse Self Report Form for Businesses.

Contact Us

Arlington Police – Economic Crimes Unit – 817-459-5308

Gang Unit

About Us

The Arlington Police Department created the Gang Unit in 1992 as a response to an increase in gang-related crime.

The Gang Unit investigates gang-related crime, provides street level gang enforcement, gathers gang intelligence and performs gang awareness presentations to the community.

Gang investigations and enforcement are handled by two units within the Criminal Investigations Section. The Gang Unit has primary responsibility for the enforcement component. This unit consists of one sergeant and eight detectives. Gang related investigations are handled by the Robbery/Gang Investigations Unit. This unit consists of one sergeant and nine detectives.


The Gang Unit has identified Asian, African-American, Hispanic, White, Motorcycle and Prison gangs in the city of Arlington.

The Gang Unit has documented gang members involved in several types of criminal activity. These crimes include Homicide, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Assault, Theft and the distribution of Narcotics.

A Criminal Street Gang means three or more persons having a common identifying sign or symbol or an identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities.

Gang Awareness

Awareness of gang characteristics is a critical tool for early intervention. If the warning signs are identified early, then the youth can be directed away from gang activity. **While each of these indicators, viewed separately, are not signs of gang involvement, viewed together they may indicate gang involvement.

    • Associating with a new set of friends while ignoring old friends or being vague about the identities and the activities of the new friends.
    • Change of hair style and/or clothing or associating with other youths who have same hair style and/or same clothing.
    • Use of street language, hand signs or unusual nick-names.
    • Unexplained income or possessions.
    • Indications of drug, alcohol or inhalant abuse.
    • Discipline issues at home or in school.
    • Frequent fighting and/or injuries from participating in fights.
    • Graffiti on personal items.

Gang Prevention

Meet your children’s friends – Make it a point to meet each friend, learn where they live and who their parents are, then meet those parents.

Establish rules for your children – Set limits and be consistent in enforcing those rules. Be firm but fair when disciplining, and show your children that you care about them and are concerned for their future.

Speak to teachers and school counselors – Meet and discuss your child with their teachers, learn what areas you can help the child achieve and be involved in the quality of education your child receives. Attend the child’s school functions, show them school is important.

When your child is going out – Know where your child is going, who he/she is going with and how he/she will get there. Set a reasonable time for the child to return home, and enforce that time.

Encourage your child to participate in sports or other activities – Children need to belong and want to be part of something, so let them belong to scouts, or a sports team. These activities build self-esteem and give the child a feeling that he/she belongs to something worthwhile.


Arlington ISD
Safe City Commission
Boys & Girls Club of Arlington
Sante Fe Adolescent Services
The Parenting Center

Traffic Unit


The Traffic Unit is one of the most visible units that the motoring public sees each day. There are several sections in the unit including our Motors Team, Crash Investigators, D.W.I. Enforcement Unit, Commercial Vehicle Inspectors, and freeway enforcement officers.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Complaints

The Arlington Police Department will investigate any complaint involving interactions between an officer and the owner or operator of a commercial vehicle (such as semi-trucks, motor coaches, shuttle buses, etc.) in accordance with 49 CFR Part 303 and 49 CFR Part 21 (Nondiscrimination in federally-assisted programs of the Department of Transportation— Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964).

Complaints are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly by the Coordinator of the Title VI Program who will follow up with the complainant regarding the results of the investigation at its conclusion.

Traffic FAQs

How do I get a copy of an accident report?

Please call 817-459-5680.

I have questions concerning TRAFFIC TICKETS.

Please call 817-275-5970.

I have a question about an IMPOUNDED VEHICLE.

Please call 817-459-5588.

I wish to report a complaint of NO INSURANCE.

Please contact 817-459-5356.

I want to inquire about the status of a HIT AND RUN INVESTIGATION.

You must contact the Geographic Investigations Unit in the area where the accident occurred. For East Arlington (817-459-5825), West Arlington (817-459-6081), South Arlington (817-459-6389) and North Arlington (817-459-6480).


Please send your request or comments through the form fill document located on the Traffic Section page or contact the Police Traffic Section at 817-459-5784.

Warrant Unit

The Police Department Warrant Division is responsible for clearing all outstanding Arlington Municipal Court warrants.

Our operational hours are from 6:30 a.m. -5:00 p.m. during the weekdays. After hour messages are responded to the next business day.

For current active warrant information contact us at 817-459-5748.

We are able to provide the violators with several different clearance options as long as our unit is contacted.

Email us at