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Street Lights FAQ

Who do I contact to get a street light repaired?

If the light is in public area and is being used to illuminate the roadway and not the parking lot, contact the Public Works and Transportation department at: 817-459-5400.

Or submit an online repair request.

Who do I contact to get a light repaired that is not a “street light”?

For lights on the bridge at South Center & Mesquite Street – Call the Parks Dept. at 817-459-5474.

For Lights in parks & in a parks parking lots – Call Parks Dept. at 817-459-5474.

For  Lights on the Park & Ride lots – Facility Services at 817-459-5424.

For lights at the AT&T stadium call– Call 800-464-7928

For light on Traffic signals– Call 817-459-5400

For “Guard Lights” or lights in alleyways, backyards, channels – Call Oncor Electric at 888-313-6862.

For lights on other private properties, such as apartment complexes – Contact the property owner.

How long does it take to get a street light repaired?

Lamp replacement and other routine maintenance needs are typically completed within two working days; however, more extensive repairs such as bad underground wiring can take up to 10 workings days to complete.