Providing and maintaining quality infrastructure, improving mobility, and promoting a sustainable environment and enhancing quality of life.


Street Maintenance Schedule

Arlington voters approved a funding source for ongoing street repair and maintenance. State legislation allows municipal governments to collect sales tax for the purpose of street maintenance after voter approval.

The Street Maintenance Sales Tax collects approximately $12-14 million annually based on a four year average. The estimates vary annually based on sales tax revenues. The Street Maintenance Sales Tax expires every four years and requires voter approval for renewal. Prior to expiration, City Council decides whether or not to call an election to continue the program.

Street Maintenance Sales Tax funds are dedicated to the maintenance, rehabilitation and repair of any street or alley in the public street system that existed at the time of the election. The intent of the program is to provide timely and cost effective rehabilitation and preventative maintenance of existing public streets within the city limits of Arlington. The goal is to improve mobility and maintain roadways to prevent deterioration and costly rebuilds.

The Public Works and Transportation Department uses a pavement management system to help assess and determine maintenance needs. Once streets are identified for maintenance, coordination occurs with Water Utilities to ensure necessary utility renewals are completed concurrently with the street rehabilitation so the new street surface is not damaged shortly after work is completed.

Before street resurfacing programs commence, concrete work is performed to replace failed sections of curb and gutter and to install accessible curb ramps where required. Approximately two months prior to construction, adjacent residents receive a notification letter to provide information about the project. Adjacent residents also receive notification by door hanger a few days before construction begins.