Responsible for the curbside collection of garbage and recycling, including twice-a-week garbage pickup, weekly recycling pickup and bulky waste pickup.

Garbage Disposal :: Pharmaceuticals

Got Drugs? Properly Dispose of Prescription Drugs

  • Whenever possible, take your unused pharmaceuticals to a pharmaceutical collection event. Note: If you choose to store your waste while you wait for a pharmaceutical collection event to occur, please minimize the risk of accidental poisoning, overdose or diversion (illegal use by someone other than the intended person) by storing medications out of reach of children or in a locked cabinet.
  • Dispose of your unused pharmaceuticals in the trash. Especially when there is a risk of accidental poisoning, overdose or diversion, it is better to dispose of household pharmaceuticals than to hang onto them. When placing unused pharmaceuticals in the trash, be sure to do the following:
      • Remove or mark over all labels that identify the materials as pharmaceuticals or that could provide personal information about you, including prescription information that someone could try to refill.
      • Render them unattractive to children and thieves by dissolving them in a small amount of water or alcohol, or by grinding them up and mixing them with coffee grounds or kitty litter; and put them in a second container or small plastic bag and hide them in your trash.
      • Never burn pharmaceuticals or personal care products in a burn barrel. Uncontrolled burning can create dioxins and other air pollutants.
      • Never flush pharmaceuticals down the toilet or pour down the drain.