Responsible for the curbside collection of garbage and recycling, including twice-a-week garbage pickup, weekly recycling pickup and bulky waste pickup.

Recycling Information :: CFL Bulb Disposal

Arlington residents may properly dispose of CFLs at the Environmental Collection Center (ECC) free of charge.

Residents may also bring lightbulbs to one of our monthly Household Hazardous Waste mobile collection events. Click here for schedule of events.

For additional information about disposal of CFL bulbs visit Energy Star.

ENERGY STAR® Change a light, Change the World Campaign

Believe it or not, twenty percent of our residential electric bills are related to household lighting.  This translates to $20 billion dollars annually. By switching to the ENERGY STAR® qualified bulbs you can save more than $30 over the life of the bulb. So, today pledge to commit to change at least one light to an ENERGY STAR® bulb. The City of Arlington’s goal is 500 pledges. Thank you for doing your part.