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Teen Court Advisory Board

Meetings: Nine adult members who previously demonstrated an interest in working with youth; five youth representatives who are juniors or seniors in high school in good standing and who live in the City of Arlington.

Appointment: Mayor and City Council.

Term: Adults will serve a two-year term. Youth representatives shall serve a one-year term.

Meetings: The board holds quarterly meetings, the date and time are determined by the Advisory Board Chairperson.

Function: The board will: serve in an advisory role and make recommendations to the City Manager or his/her designee regarding the policies regulating the Teen Court Program; submit all reports and/or recommendations related to the Teen Court Program requiring City Council action to the Municipal Court Clerk or his/her designee; develop and provide community support and community resources and develop financial resources for the Teen Court Program in addition to the funding provided through the City budget process; and, make recommendations to the Teen Court coordinator regarding the recruitment, selection and training of adult and teen volunteers.