Arlington’s Sister City since 1951.

History of Our Friendship :: The First Texan Visitor in Königshofen

Bad Koenigshofen 04 thAn April 3, 1952, article in Königshofen’s newspaper tells about that town’s “first visitor from Arlington” after Mr. Zühlke’s visit to Texas in 1951. She was a teacher named Mrs. Ervin (spelled elsewhere as “Irwin”), who was actually from Austin and was employed at the American high school in Frankfurt. She had learned from an Arlington newspaper article about the city’s adoption of Königshofen. She visited Königshofen in March 1952 and heard on the day of her visit about the safe arrival of the first shipment of food and clothing from Arlington. Mayor Lurz and Mr. Zühlke gave her a tour of their town and asked her to come back in a couple weeks for the beginning of the distribution of the items from the shipment, which she did.

In early 1954, after receipt of the third shipment from Arlington, a report sent by Königshofen to Arlington detailed how the food and clothing from that shipment had been distributed: 377 persons had received goods through the Bavarian Red Cross, 188 through the Catholic Church, 90 through the Protestant Church, 50 “East-Zone” refugees had received goods directly, and 521 other refugees directly, for a total of 1,226 people.

Also, soap from the shipment was given to schools and hospitals, and canned goods also to the hospitals. Königshofen’s Mayor ended his cover letter for the report by saying: “Thanking you once again for your kind and noble deed the council is going to express the gratitude of Koenigshofen by a special honoring of Arlington.”

"Arlington-Park" in Bad Königshofen

“Arlington-Park” in Bad Königshofen

In June 1954 Königshofen named its city park “Arlington-Park” as an expression of thanks and to honor Arlington for its generous help during Königshofen’s time of need.

Arlington’s generosity was something for which the people of Königshofen were extremely grateful; they saw the shipments not as just material help or an act of charity, but as a true sign of friendship.

The people of Bad Königshofen today have not forgotten that generosity and friendship shown by the people of Arlington.