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Abram Street Rebuilding And Bridge :: Collins to Stadium

Abram Street from Collins Street to Stadium Drive is being reconstructed as a 5-lane undivided arterial concrete section and will include an enhanced bridge over Johnson Creek, wide sidewalks (with enhanced landscaped and irrigated nodes), parkway street lighting, storm drainage improvements, and renewal of water and sanitary sewer facilities.

The bridge over Johnson Creek (adjacent to Meadowbrook Park) will rise in elevation approximately 9-feet in order to reduce roadway flooding during heavy storm events.  To expedite construction of this bridge, it will be necessary to completely close Abram Street in the area of the bridge to all thru traffic.

This decision was made after careful consideration of alternatives between trying to keep the bridge area open or closed to traffic during construction.  Considerations were: overall safety of construction workers and traveling public, time for construction, and reduced construction costs.

The complete bridge closure will begin May 15, 2016 and is estimated to be closed through January 2017.

During the construction of the bridge, thru-traffic will be detoured north to Division Street.

As with all other construction projects, access to businesses will still be provided by the contractor.

To access the businesses in the area, Abram Street will be open with two‐way traffic from Collins St to Willis Ave and two‐way traffic from Stadium Dr. to Gay St. on either side of the bridge.

Although Stadium Drive is currently under construction as well, it will be open to two‐way traffic with a minimum of one lane open in the northbound direction and two lanes open in the southbound direction at all times.

The Public Works and Transportation Department opened bids for construction of this project in October 2015.  Arlington City Council awarded the construction contract to Tiseo Paving Company on November 17, 2015; and construction began in January 2016.

We realize that construction is a major inconvenience.  We request and appreciate your patience and cooperation during these inconveniences, detours, and delays as these needed infrastructure improvements are constructed.

If you have questions about the project or the closure, please contact Stu Bauman, P.E. with the Department of Public Works and Transportation at 817-459-6577 or at

Construction activities

January 2016 thru April 2016:  Construction activities thru April included: water line renewals, sanitary sewer line renewals, Johnson Creek grading & installation of gabion baskets on the south side of Abram (in Meadowbrook Park area), and construction of some of the retaining walls that can be completed without the bridge closure.

May 2016 through October 2016:  Complete bridge closure began May 15th.  The contractor immediately began construction of stormdrain facilities that connect to the bridge abutment retaining wall extensions and some retaining walls so there would be no conflict with the bridge construction.  This allowed the bridge subcontractor to move in and begin installing drill shafts for the bridge support in June; and columns in July.  Drill shafts were completed in August.  One of the bridge bents was complete at the end of October.  Concurrent with all this bridge work, the contractor removed the existing asphalt pavement of the south lanes (east bound) between Collins and the bridge, and the on north lanes (westbound) between the bridge and Stadium Drive in preparation to begin subgrade stabilization. 

November 2016 through January 2017:  The second bridge bent and abutment structures #1 & #4 are scheduled to be complete by the end of November.  Subgrade stabilization of the south lanes (east bound) between Collins and the bridge, and the north lanes (westbound) between the bridge and Stadium Drive is scheduled to begin mid-November.  Weather permitting, this will allow for paving of those lanes to begin in early December.  Also, bridge beam delivery will begin in December.