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Backflow Cross Connection

The purpose of the Cross Connection Program is to protect the City of Arlington water supply system by eliminating potential sources of contamination resulting from illegal cross connections and backflow.

What is a Cross Connection?
A Cross-Connection is any actual or potential physical connection between a potable water line and any pipe, vessel or machine, containing a non-potable fluid, such that it is possible for the non potable fluid to enter into the potable water system by backflow (AWWA)

Backflow Cross Connection

Backflow Cross Connection

What is Backflow?
Backflow is the reversal of flow of any substance into the safe drinking water distribution system. Backflow is due to backpressure or back-siphonage.

What is Back Pressure?
Back Pressure occurs when private system water pressure exceeds the operating pressure of the public potable water supply.

What is Back Siphonage?
Back Siphonage is a backflow due to a negative or reduced pressure of the public potable water supply.

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