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Backflow Tester Registration


Registration Procedure:

    • To register, send your completed registration form, TCEQ Backflow License, Driver’s License, and a gauge calibration report to or you can come to our office at 101 West Abram St., Arlington, TX 76010.
    • Your registration expires annually on your registration anniversary date.
    • The annual registration fee is $98.85 (effective Oct. 1, 2018). Payments may be made online, by clicking the link below. All major cards are accepted. You may also pay by cash, check, or money order at Water Customer Service at City Hall – 101 W. Abram St., 1st Floor.
    • Backflow Tester Registration Payments 
    • Backflow Registration Form

Testing Information:

  • Backflow Test Forms (Word) (PDF) (Print 3 copies: WRS/Tester/Owner)
  • Backflow Test Form Copies: Your customers must be provided with a copy of the backflow test form (not just an invoice) every single time you perform a test. If a test fails you must notify your customer that it failed and needs to be repaired or replaced.  If the test is delinquent they may need a copy that day to avoid enforcement.
  • Online Entry: All backflow tests on existing assemblies must be entered online (No exceptions).  We do not need a copy sent to us if you have entered it online. If you do not have a password  contact our office at 817-459-5902. The test must be entered within 10 days from the date it was performed. The link for online entry in Arlington is: . You only need to enter the number of the address and the serial number of one of the assemblies at that address to pull up all of the assemblies there.  Do not enter the street name.
  • New Installs/Replacements: If an assembly is a new install or a replacement, the test must be sent to our office or emailed within 10 days. All test forms turned in to the city MUST have a physical address, serial number, backflow assembly location, property name and date that it was tested. The form must be completely filled out.  Please send new install tests to
  1. If the assembly is replaced, indicate replaced on the test form with the old serial number that it replaced.
  2. For new installs, you must leave a copy of the backflow test form onsite for the inspector and send a copy to our office.
  • Construction Meters: If you are testing an assembly for a construction meter it must be for an RPZ. We will not accept a test for a double check in Arlington on a construction meter.  All construction meters require an RPZ assembly in the City of Arlington. You must include the contractor/construction company and meter number on the backflow test form for any assembly you test on a construction meter.

Contact Information:

Water Resource Services
P.O. Box 90231, Mailstop 01-0200 (mailing address)
Arlington TX, 76004-3231

101 W. Abram St. (office address)
Arlington, TX 76010

Phone: 817-459-5902
Fax: 817-459-6807

Office Hours: 8:00-5:00, Monday – Friday