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Water and Sanitary Sewer Builder Fees & Services

This information has been developed to help you understand the costs associated with conducting business with the Arlington Water Utilities Department. More specifically, we want you to understand the costs associated with new construction or tying into existing water/sewer systems.

Even though the charges below are itemized, it is important to call the Customer Services Division at 817-459-6803 when a quote is needed. Prices could vary depending on special or unusual circumstances.

The following fees become effective on October 1, 2018.

We remind you that all work on city water lines must be done by an approved utility contractor or by the City of Arlington. All fees must be paid prior to the installation or activation of an account.

Tapping Into Existing Water Lines

Cost of installation of water and sewer tap will be calculated individually per job.

Any water taps 3″ or larger and sewer taps 6″ or larger will need to be made by a utility contractor.

For a list of approved utility contractors , contact the Department of Public Works and Transportation at 817-459-6550 or email to

Meter and Activation Fees

5/8″x3/4″ $381.62
1″ $536.08
1½” $941.50
2″ $1,195.35


 Residential – Builder/Contractor $30.00
 Commercial – Builder/Contractor min.
or double estimated average bill


Meter sizes and types will need to be determined by an Engineer.

Cap an Existing Service

Calculated individually by job

Construction/Fire Hydrant Meters

 Activation Fee $ 205.38
 Deposit $ 950.00

Cost to Tie Into Sanitary Sewer

There will be a $20.00 activation fee on all sanitary sewer tie-ons. A sewer tap can be made by a licensed plumber or the City of Arlington will contract the sewer tap to an approved contractor. The Fee for existing sewer taps, previously made by a city contractor on a city maintained sanitary sewer line prior to October 1, 2014 will be $600.00.

4″ Standard Sanitary Sewer Tap will be calculated individually per job.

2018 Impact Fees for Water and Sewer

All impact fees are based on the anticipated demand for infrastructure that the development creates. These assessments are on any development that affects service units. All impact fees are calculated based on meter size.

The fees below are effective July 1, 2017

Meter Size Service Unit Equivalent

Schedule 2 Collection Rate Water

Schedule 2 Collection Rate Sewer
5/8″x3/4″ 1 $828.13 $418.00
1″ 2.5 $2,070.33 $1,045.00
1½” 5 $4,140.65 $2,090.00
2″ 8 $6,625.04 $3,344.00
3″ 17.5 $14,492.28 $7,315
4″ 30 $24,843.90 $12,540.00
6″ 62.5 $51,758.13 $26,125.00
8″ 90 $74,531.70 $37,620.00
10″ 145 $120,078.85 $60,610.00


There are several factors involved when calculating impact fees. If the intended use is water only, you would pay just the water impact fee. If the intended use is domestic, you would pay water as well as sewer impact fees. There would also be impact fee charges when a meter is split as a duplex changing from one meter to two meters or if the meter size is upgraded. In the case of an upgrade, there would be a charge for the difference between impact fees of the two meter sizes.

Front Footage Fees

Water and/or Sanitary Sewer charges may be applicable if the City of Arlington funded construction of water and/or sewer mains after May 25, 1989.  This information may be obtained from Community Development & Planning at 817-459-6502.

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