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Care & Share Program

Care & Share

The Water Utilities Department has a program called Care and Share to help customers with temporary financial problems and crises. Customers may donate any amount of money. These funds will be given to a local charitable organization which administers funds to help customers pay water utility bills. If you are interested in making a donation, please call 817-275-5931 for more information, or print the Charitable Contribution Form (pdf) fill it out and return it to us with your next regular payment. Thank you.

Drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking… Water is something many people take for granted. But every day, Arlington families risk losing their water and sewer services because they temporarily cannot afford to pay their water utility bills.

The Care and Share program is designed to aid families who need assistance due to unemployment, illness or other emergencies. It is funded solely from your generous donations. Please check the appropriate box on the attached form and help others by donating a tax deductible amount of your choice. It doesn’t have to be a lot; even the smallest contribution makes a difference.

You can help others, when you Care a lot and Share a little!

You may also make a public donation for oher important causes to help your community with the public donation form.