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Main Breaks

Water Main Breaks

Water bubbling up through the pavement or just running down the street may indicate signs of a broken water main. Water main breaks may leave affected areas without water service during the repair. Many factors will affect the duration of service outages for repair. Among these factors are size of the water main which sustained the rupture, and the allocated time required to locate and mark utilities.

Procedures for Investigating Water Main Breaks

Listed below are all the steps involved in the actual repair of a main break. These will provide clarity to understand the repair process.

• A customer inquiry is received at the Water Dispatch Emergency Line (817-459-5900).

• The Utilities Dispatcher enters the inquiry into the work management system and creates a work order.

• A Utility Service Specialist (USS) is dispatched to the specified location to verify the address and assess the severity of the leak or main break.

• This verification is phoned in to dispatch and logged into the computer system.

• If the break is classified as an emergency, the dispatcher contacts 1-800-DIG- TESS to have utilities marked. This call will alert the utility companies to come out and mark the location of all near-by utilities (gas, telephone, electric, cable). Franchise utilities are allocated up to two hours to mark the facilities.

• Water Department personnel usually arrive before the utility locators, but cannot proceed until they receive approval or until the two hour waiting period has expired.

• Once approval is received to dig or the two- hour period has expired, a crew will proceed with repairs.

• The repair crew updates the dispatch office on estimated repair time. A standard repair takes approximately four hours to complete. Safety requirements may extend the length of time required to repair a break. If it is determined that more time will be required to complete the repair the crew will notify dispatch. A call to Water Utilities Dispatch will provide you an update on the repair status.

The Water Department would rather receive multiple reports about a suspected leak or water main break than no calls at all. Don’t assume that someone else will make the call; we need to save every drop of water we can.