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Payment Locations

Arlington Water Utility customers can pay their water utilities bill at authorized payment locations.  Payments by cash, check, or money order can be made in person at many local grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations. There are over 30 participating Arlington locations.

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We offer several other convenient ways to pay your bill. Use your bank account, or your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card. It’s quick, easy, and there is no fee for this service!


How the Service Works

    • Customer must have bill stub to make payment
    • Payments must be made by cash, check, or money order
    • A handling fee of up to $1.50 will be charged for a cash or check transaction and up to $2.75 for a pin debit transaction by store

If your water is scheduled to be turned off or is already off:

    • After making a payment in full, it is your responsibility to contact Customer
    • Services at 817-275-5931 weekdays by 5 PM for reconnection.
    • For a reconnection on Saturday, call 817-459-5900 between the hours of 8 AM and 12 PM.
    • You must have a valid Proof of Payment number from your payment receipt.

Be sure to pay your bill by the due date each month to avoid disconnection of your water service. Thank you!

You may also make charitable contributions.

Water Utilities Bill Payment Assistance

For information regarding assistance with your water utilities bill, please contact Catholic Charities at 817-534-0814 or visit their website at