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Engineers, Builders & Contractors :: Commercial Building Plan Requirements

Grease Interceptors Requirements

Backflow “Premise Isolation” Requirements

Backflow Specifications

FIG 15D [PDF] [DWG] Premise Isolation RPZ BPA 3/4” to 2″ – Indoor
FIG 15E [PDF] [DWG] Premise Isolation RPZ BPA  2 1/2″ to 12″ – Outdoor
FIG 15F [PDF] [DWG] Premise Isolation RPZ BPA  2 1/2″ to 12″ – Outdoor Small
FIG 15G [PDF] [DWG] Irrigation/Premise Isolation  3/4” to 2″ BPA
FIG 15H [PDF] [DWG] Above ground BPA Site Placement – Property Line
FIG 15I [PDF] [DWG] Above ground BPA Site Placement – Building Line

Internal backflow is handled by Community Development and Planning. For questions about internal backflow call 817-459-6684.