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Free Sprinkler System Check-Up

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Free Sprinkler System Check-UpThe City of Arlington is requesting your help in conserving water and one of the most effective ways to do so is by using your sprinkler system efficiently.  Efficient irrigation includes proper scheduling of days and times, turning the controller off if we have received recent rainfall, proper maintenance of sprinkler heads and nozzles so they are watering where intended and performing upgrades by replacing worn parts with high-efficiency nozzles, updated controllers, pressure control devices or drip irrigation.  Reducing water use, and the water bill, can effectively be accomplished while still maintaining a lush and vibrant landscape.  As part of a long-range water conservation effort to reduce water use, Arlington Water Utilities and the Tarrant Regional Water District, our water supplier, are offering 100 free sprinkler system check-ups for Arlington residents this spring.

When you sign up, a local licensed irrigator from the M & M Irrigation will perform a 45 minute evaluation with you of your sprinkler system to check to see how it is operating and provide recommendations for improvements.  This program is not a sales pitch for additional contracting services and you will be under no pressure to make specific changes.  We hope you will find this unique experience interesting and worthwhile in helping you efficiently manage your landscape.

This offer is limited and will expire once 100 residents have registered.  Please click the link below to sign-up for a free sprinkler system check-up today.