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Irrigation Rules

As mandated by the Texas Legislature, the City of Arlington recently approved Ordinance 08-108 creating a landscape irrigation program that includes permitting, minimum design standards, and inspections for all new and expanded lawn irrigation systems. The ordinance (Effective January 1, 2009) requires irrigation permits for new installations and additions of sprinkler heads and/or zone valves to existing irrigation systems. An irrigation permit is not required if you are replacing a sprinkler head with a new sprinkler head in the same location.

Because 50% of all treated water is used for irrigation and it is estimated that up to half of that water is lost to leaks, evaporation, and runoff, the new rules will help meet the projected water demands of the State of Texas in the future. Efficient irrigation systems combined with the proper seasonal watering schedule can save a significant amount of water and money.

The landscape irrigation program will be managed through the One Start Center by the Building Inspections department. To view the new irrigation rules scroll down to “Irrigation Chapter” under “Current adopted codes and ordinances”.

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