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Ordinance Summary

  1. Lawn And Landscape Irrigation OrdinanceTime of Day Watering Restrictions
    Year-Round, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    No lawn watering or irrigating is permitted, unless hand watering or using soaker hoses.
  2. Include rain and freeze sensors on all irrigation systems installed on or after March 4, 2005.
  3. By March 4, 2007, equip all commercial and apartment irrigation systems installed before March 4, 2005 with rain and freeze sensors.
  4. Customers are responsible for loss of water due to leakage in pipe or plumbing on the customer side of the meter or property. Customers are responsible for preventing avoidable waste of water including loss from a controllable leak or an irrigation system malfunction such as a broken sprinkler and/or overspray on impervious surfaces with runoff greater than 150 feet.

View a list of approved rain and freeze sensors (pdf)