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Molly Hollar Wildscape Demonstration Garden

3600 W. Arkansas Ln., Arlington TX 76010

Smartscape Garden at Veterans Park

The Molly Hollar Wildscape Demonstration Garden was created in 1990 to demonstrate the water conserving concepts of Smartscape landscaping. The garden, which covers over 2 acres, is an example of how native, adaptive exotic plants and landscaping materials can be used to create a beautiful outdoor setting.

Smartscape, derived from the Greek word Xeros meaning dry, is not a rock or cactus garden but a well thought-out plan to conserve water through creative landscaping and native plants.

This natural vegetation, consisting of over 15,000 varieties of plants, creates an appearance and rustic beauty of its own. It is incorporated with formal and informal landscape materials and designed to form a natural water efficient habitat.

Smartscape gardening techniques help reduce the amount of water used to maintain our yards, gardens and parks. Also, it provides a beautiful mature landscape to stir our imagination.

Located in Veteran’s Park, 3600 West Arkansas Lane and Spanish Trail. Map it!