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Your Water Meter

Your water meter is located just below ground in the meter box located on the utility easement, normally adjacent to the street.

Arlington Water Utilities uses several different brands of meters, all of which meet strict American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards for construction and accuracy. Over the past few years, Arlington has been replacing traditional meters with Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or AMI, meters.

More information about AMI meters is available here.  You can also watch a video about our AMI meter project here.

You read the meter like you would if you were reading the odometer on your vehicle (which you read from left to right). Your water meter registers usage in gallons. By city ordinance, we read your consumption in thousands of gallons. There are five or six number wheels (three or four with white background and two with black background) located across from the register face. The white background numbers are recorded in the hand-held computers carried by each meter reader. If you should attempt to read your water meter, be aware!! Underground installations present certain hazards not found with above ground meters, such as electric or gas. You may find your water meter is home to various insects, spiders, frogs and even snakes.

Despite these obstacles and other difficulties, our meter reading group achieve an overall accuracy rate of 99.85%.

You can check your water usage by taking your most recent utility bill and locating the “present” reading. By subtracting the current reading on your meter from the “present” reading noted on your most recent bill, you can determine your consumption (in thousands of gallons) since the meter was read last.

If the current reading is less than the “present” reading noted on your bill, a reading error has been made by the meter reader and should be reported to the Customer Services Office at 817-275-5931 for further investigation. While most errors are corrected prior to billing, some do slip by. Corrections will be made the following month when the meter is read again.

The meter can also assist in determining the presence of problems in your plumbing system. Your meter is equipped with a “test hand” which revolves around the face of the meter when usage is taking place. The meter is designed to detect very low flows, frequently associated with most small leaks. To check for leaks, turn off all faucets and equipment which use water. Watch the “test hand” very closely. If any movement is noted and you are sure everything has been turned off, it could indicate a problem somewhere in your system. It’s important that all sources of loss are quickly located and repaired. Failure to do so will result in increased consumption and a higher utility bill.

Click here for more information on how to read your meter

For additional assistance related to your water meter you can call our Customer Services Office at 817-275-5931.