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Water and Sanitary Sewer Fees

The City of Arlington Water Utilities Department has developed this information to help you better understand our Water Office Policies and the charges for these services.  Click here for a list of monthly fees and rates as of Jan. 1, 2018. The following fees become effective on October 1, 2017.  Please contact the Customer Care Division at 817-275-5931 for any clarification or questions.


Arlington Water Utilities Deposits.

Residential (single family dwelling) $80
Duplex (per unit) $40
Builder (new construction) $30


Apartments (multi-family serviced by one meter) – per unit $50
Commercial (businesses, restaurants, schools) – minimum $80

Commercial customers shall be required to pay a deposit in an amount not to exceed double the estimated average monthly bill at the service address. The deposit is determined by three factors: size of meter, type of business, and estimated monthly consumption.

Construction Meter Deposit $950
Activation Fee $193.03

For construction meters that are in use for more than one month, a fixed fee of $113.79 will be billed on each billing statement.

All deposits are interest bearing.

Sewer Line Repair

Upon the City’s determination that structural repair and/or replacement is necessary, the City will repair and/or replace a customer’s sanitary sewer service line within public right-of-ways or public utility or sanitary sewer easement.

Fire Protection System Rates (fixed monthly rates by fire line size)

 1″ $20.30
 1.5″ $46.31
 2″ $81
 3″ and above $120


Meter Testing Fees

The first test for meter accuracy is free. After that, if a meter must be pulled from the ground, the following fees will apply.

Meters 1″ or smaller $161.22
1½” to 2″ meters $305.52
3″ meter or larger Actual cost of work

Service Charges/Fees

Inactive Account Fee (having water consumption) $68.23
Delinquent Account Follow-Up $44
Pulled Meters up to 1″ $216.63
Pulled Meters greater than 1″ $769.19
Construction Meter Account Activation Fee $193.03
Returned Checks/Drafts $25
Non-residential Water Valve Operations (i.e., off for repairs) $347.71
Tampering with Public Water System (includes but not limited to removed or broken locks and broken curb stop valves) $250
After Hours $38.72
Past Due Fee (when payment is not made by bill due date) 5% of current water and sewer charges
Automated Meter Interface Replacement $227.32
Account Activation $20

Services Provided at No Charge

Investigate high or low consumption at customer’s request
Check for leaks at meter
Print account audits (billing or consumption history)
Level meter boxes (for residential customers)
Replace broken lids on meter boxes to ensure safety
Emergency turn offs at water meter (for residential only)
Turn off water for repairs (for residential customers)
Check water pressure and perform flow test
Investigate water quality
Test meter accuracy in the field (First test is no charge.)
Clean out meter boxes and treat for fire ants
Replace broken meter boxes (for residential customers)
Turn on/off water at main line valve
Bankdrafting by phone or online
Provide select services after 5:00 p.m. and on Saturdays
Information on water conservation
Information on water quality

Unauthorized Use of Water or Wastewater Services

The use at any time of any device or pipe resulting in unauthorized and unmetered tapping of a water main, sewer main, or opening of a hydrant will subject the offending party to a minimum 100,000 gallon consumption charge per connection, plus tampering fee.

How to Contact Us

We have two Customer Services offices in Arlington. Our office on the north side is located on the first floor of Arlington City Hall at 101 W Abram St. Our south Customer Services office is located on the first floor of the Arlington Water Utilities South Service Center at 1100 SW Green Oaks Blvd. Office hours for both locations are from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The daytime Customer Services telephone number is 817-275-5931. Email us at

If you should have an emergency after hours and need our assistance, please call 817-459-5900. Requesting service reconnection when water has been turned off for nonpayment is not considered an emergency.

The Goal of Arlington Water Utilities

The Goal of the Arlington Water Utilities Department is to provide the best possible service to all our customers. If you feel that you have not received excellent service, please notify us so we can review our operations and make the necessary adjustments.

We provide service without discrimination as to a customer’s race, nationality, color, religion, sex or marital status.

The above-mentioned prices are subject to change with City Council’s approval. Please be sure to contact the Customer Services Division for verification of these prices.