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Drinking Water Quality Questions

Arlington Water Utilities is proud to produce drinking water that meets, and often exceeds, the well-researched standards set by the US EPA and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. For detailed information about the quality of Arlington’s drinking water, visit our 2016 Water Quality Report at

For any questions concerning Water Quality or the Treatment process, please call: 817-575-8984 or fax: 817-496-4133.

Arlington Water experienced taste and odor issues in February 2017 due to seasonal algae activity in Lake Arlington. More information is available here.


The Water Utilities Department receives calls from customers showerhead_smconcerning white particles or things that look like white pieces of paper clogging plumbing fixtures. These are most probably one of two things:

  1. They may be bits of calcium carbonate scale coming from your water heater. The scaling may be worsened because the water heater thermostat is too high. Most manufacturers recommend setting it at about 120°F.  If the particles are calcium carbonate, you probably need to flush your water heater.  Most manufacturers recommend that you do this twice per year.
  1. They may be pieces of plastic from the dip tube in your water heater. The dip tube takes the cold water from the supply at the top of the tank down to the bottom of the tank to be heated. Some dip tubes were made of inferior plastic. The staff at the lab can help you determine whether it is scale or plastic.