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Engineers, Builders & Contractors :: Water Sewer Specs & Details

Water & Sewer Standard Specs

For Consulting Engineers and Contractors

Provided for your information are the Arlington “Water Utilities Standard Details” for both water and sewer. This information is being provided to assist you in answering questions regarding required standards related to water and sewer construction projects within the City of Arlington. These files are provided in AutoCAD 2012.

Water Utilities – Standard Details

FIG 01 [PDF] [DWG] Valve Detail With Box and Concrete Pad
FIG 02 [PDF] [DWG] Fire Hydrant Detail and Concrete Splash Pad
FIG 03 [PDF] [DWG] Standard Fire Hydrant Meter Installation
FIG 04 [PDF] [DWG] Water Line Markers For Mains in Undeveloped Areas
FIG 05 [PDF] [DWG] Horizontal Thrust Blocking Details
FIG 06 [PDF] [DWG] Vertical Tie-Down Block Detail
FIG 07 [PDF] [DWG] Blow-Off Valve Detail
FIG 08 [PDF] [DWG] 2″ Combination Air Valve Offset Installation
FIG 09 [PDF] [DWG] 2″ Combination Air Valve Installation
FIG 10 [PDF] [DWG] 1″ Water Service for 1″ and 3/4″ outlets
FIG 11 [PDF] [DWG] Rehabilitation of Existing and Construction of Bullhead Installations
FIG 12 [PDF] [DWG] 2″ Water Service Detail For 2″ and 1-1/2″ Outlets
FIG 13 [PDF] [DWG] Typical Meter Vault and Appurtenances
FIG 14 [PDF] [DWG] Detector Check and Meter Detail
FIG 15A [PDF] [DWG] 6″ to 10″ Double Check Detector Assembly – Buried
FIG 15B [PDF] [DWG] 2 1/2” to 12″ Double Check Detector Assembly – Outdoor
FIG 15C [PDF] [DWG] 2 1/2” to 12″ Double Check Detector Assembly – Indoor
FIG 15D [PDF] [DWG] Premise Isolation RPZ BPA 3/4” to 2″ – Indoor
FIG 15E [PDF] [DWG] Premise Isolation RPZ BPA  2 1/2″ to 12″ – Outdoor
FIG 15F [PDF] [DWG] Premise Isolation RPZ BPA  2 1/2″ to 12″ – Outdoor Small
FIG 15G [PDF] [DWG] Irrigation/Premise Isolation  3/4” to 2″ BPA
FIG 15H [PDF] [DWG] Above ground BPA Site Placement – Property Line
FIG 15I [PDF] [DWG] Above ground BPA Site Placement – Building Line
FIG 15J [PDF] [DWG] Fire Line BPA Site Placement – Property Line
FIG 16 [PDF] [DWG] Cast in Place Sanitary Sewer Manhole
FIG 17 [PDF] [DWG] Pre cast Concrete Sanitary Sewer Manhole
FIG 18 [PDF] [DWG] Inside Drop Manhole
FIG 19 [PDF] [DWG] Outside Drop Manhole
FIG 20 [PDF] [DWG] Standard Manhole Frame and Cover Details
FIG 21 [PDF] [DWG] Water Tight Manhole Frame and Cover Details
FIG 22 [PDF] [DWG] Sanitary Sewer Cleanout
FIG 23 [PDF] [DWG] Sanitary Sewer Service
FIG 24 [PDF] [DWG] Deep Sanitary Sewer Service
FIG 25 [PDF] [DWG] Existing Street Backfill and Repair
FIG 26 [PDF] [DWG] Street Backfill Prior To Street Construction
FIG 27 [PDF] [DWG] Project Sign
FIG 28 [PDF] [DWG] Concrete Encasement
FIG 29 [PDF] [DWG] Class “A” and “B” Sewer Embedment
FIG 30 [PDF] [DWG] Class “C” Water Embedment
FIG 31 [PDF] [DWG] Class “E” and “F” Water Embedment