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Your Water Meter

A traditional water meter.

Your water meter is located just below ground in the meter box, normally adjacent to the street.

You read the meter like you would if you were reading the odometer on your vehicle (from left to right). One good way to test for leaks in and around your home is by checking your meter reading before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used (including ice makers). If the reading changes, you may have a leak. Click here for information about reading a traditional water meter. 

Other resources for finding a leak are available at this link. 

A water meter equipped with AMI technology.

Arlington Water Utilities employees physically read more than 99 percent of traditional meters each month, with less than 1 percent of readings estimated because of issues like inaccessibility.  Since 2013, Arlington has been replacing traditional meters with Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or AMI, meters. AMI meters are read remotely through radio frequency technology.

Arlington’s meters are guaranteed by the manufacturer to meet strict American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards for accuracy when they are installed. New meters typically measure usage more accurately than older meters and this may result in a higher billed consumption.

Below are some common questions about AMI meters and answers.
You can also watch a video about our AMI meter project here.

What is an AMI meter? AMI stands for Advanced Metering Infrastructure. AMI uses communication technology to allow meters to be read remotely. The AMI system transmits these readings over a private, secure and licensed radio network.

Why are the traditional meters being replaced? AMI meters represent a significant improvement over previous metering technology. AMI brings savings in employee and vehicle costs, improves accuracy and eliminates a need for in-person first time and final meter readings. By producing daily and hourly information, AMI allows our staff to help customers troubleshoot billing concerns and improve conservation efforts by providing information about consumption patterns.

Will a meter reader still need to visit to read the meter? Arlington Water Utilities staff will not be on site to read meters monthly.

Is my AMI meter accurate? By ordinance, all meters must meet the accuracy test guidelines of the national American Water Works Association when installed and are guaranteed by the manufacturers.

For additional assistance related to your water meter you can call our Customer Services Office at 817-275-5931.