Planned and emergency projects to keep Arlington’s water and sewer infrastructure strong.

Water/Sewer Projects

2017 Water Main Renewals

This project includes the replacement of approximately 21,000 feet of 6-inch and 8-inch water mains in various Arlington locations by the pipe bursting method. The construction method involves pipe bursting the existing 6-inch or 8-inch water main while pulling a new 8-inch main through the existing pipe. For more information, click here.

Golden West Elevated Storage Tank Rehabilitation

This project includes the painting of the exterior and interior of the Golden West Elevated Storage Tank, a 2.5 million gallon water tower at 3205 Pleasant Valley Lane. Welding repairs also will be made. For more information, click here.

Johnson Creek Sanitary Sewer Improvements

The project will include 2,775 feet of sanitary sewer main in the Johnson Creek area, between Center Street and Roosevelt Street. The purpose of the project is to increase capacity and eliminate sanitary sewer overflows. For more information, click here.

Davis Pressure Plane Project

The current Water Master Plan has identified water main improvements which will expand the Upper Pressure Plane into the area bounded by Cooper Street, Fielder Road, Arkansas Lane, and Sanford Street. These improvements will increase the water pressure in this area which is currently experiencing lower than average daily operating pressures. For more information, click here.

Tucker, Wren, and Lovers Water and Sewer Project

The project consists of constructing approximately 2,450 linear feet of 8-inch water main and 4,250 linear feet of 8-inch and 10-inch sanitary sewer main. It also includes minor storm drain repairs. The project will extend the life of the public facilities, reduce maintenance costs and improve service to these areas. For more information, click here.

Road to Six Flags Water and Sanitary Sewer Renewal

This project will include about 2,500 feet of water line and 2,300 feet of sanitary sewer line along Road to Six Flags Street, from Collins Drive to Pennant Drive and in areas of New Haven Street. About 3,300 feet of water line along Road to Six Flags and New Haven are also included, as well as street reclamation, sidewalk and curb and gutter improvements. For more information, click here.

Green Oaks Sanitary Sewer

After performing a visual inspection of the sanitary sewer main in the area near Lake Arlington Golf Course, it was determined that the approximately 13,700 linear feet of the existing 24-inch to 36-inch sanitary sewer main needs to be replaced within the next several years. The project is proposed to be constructed in two phases with the most critical phase being replaced in capital year 2018. For more information, click here.

High Point Sanitary Sewer Renewal

The project includes 4,400 feet of sanitary sewer main along High Point Road from South Cooper Street to West Arbrook Boulevard. For more information, click here.

Wayland Drive Sanitary Sewer Project

Approximately 425 feet of 12-inch sanitary sewer main will be relocated between McCartney Court and Margaret Drive.  For more information, click here.

2017 Water and Sanitary Sewer Main Replacements

The project includes the replacement of 8,635 feet of sanitary sewer main and approximately 850 feet of water main. These improvements were identified based on a history of water main breaks or sanitary sewer main blockages. For more information, click here.